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Agenda for Next Meeting

This is the agenda for the next meeting. Once the meeting has been held, this agenda will be moved to the page for that meeting, and a new agenda created.

Saskatoon Techworks General Meeting Agenda

— Time and Location —

  • Tuesday, January 12, 2021 7pm
  • Location: Saskatoon TechWorks, 412 44th St E, and remote Zoom meeting
  • Previous meeting minutes (please read ahead of time)
  • Regular Items
  • Previous meeting minutes
    • November 10, 2020
  • New Members
    • George Tyler
    • Tyler Burgess
  • Exiting Members
    • Jeff Smith
    • Shreeniket Joshi
    • Beau Sutton
  • Finances - monthly
  • Social events / group projects
    • Future Workshops / events
      • Workshops TBD due to Covid
  • Newsletter sign up - talk to Mena
    • workshops
    • events
    • projects
    • upcoming info
  • Old Business
    • Equipment
      • New laser cutter - in progress
      • Stand made for Wood Lathe
        • Training needed to use
      • more light in bathroom - in progress
    • Covid
      • no changes since last update
    • Front Lease Renewal
      • Signed
      • Wall moved
      • development of new space starting
    • Goals for the coming year
      • Videos
        • video editing class/workshop (TBA)
        • looking for assistance with Techworks title/intro for official videos
      • Community
        • group project committee - Rylan
          • Mill repair
        • bring back social gatherings - waiting for Phase 5
    • To Do List
      • Add/Remove/Assign to list
    • if a problem is found with the facilities please contact the board
  • New business
    • AGM coming up
      • AGM Date is March 16th 7:00pm
      • Elections for the board will be taking place at that time
        • we are investigating voting options (due to covid)
        • official announcements will be sent out next month
      • Space Cleanliness
        • currently Bitrix guys have been cleaning the space, but members are responsible for their own mess
        • expectations if you leave projects or material unattended
    • Open Floor
  • Acknowledgements
    • Shout out to everyone who continues to make whether at the space or at home
    • James Chamberlain for work on the mill
    • Biktrix for helping keep the space clean and all the other improvements to the space
    • Thanks to Kevin for fixing the door/paddle
  • Next Meeting - February 9, 2021
  • Purgatory box
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