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Agenda for Next Meeting

This is the agenda for the next meeting. Once the meeting has been held, this agenda will be moved to the page for that meeting, and a new agenda created.

Saskatoon Techworks General Meeting Agenda

— Time and Location —

  • Tuesday, June 8, 2021 7pm
  • Location: Saskatoon TechWorks, 412 44th St E, and remote Zoom meeting
  • Previous meeting minutes (please read ahead of time)
  • Regular Items
  • Previous meeting minutes
    • May 11, 2021
  • New Members
    • none
  • Finances
  • Social events / group projects
    • Future Workshops / events
      • TBA
  • Newsletter sign up - Newsletter
    • workshops, events, projects, upcoming info -
  • Old Business
    • Equipment
      • New laser cutter - in slow progress
      • Space reorganization - in progress
      • laser filter box - procuring parts
      • Mitre saw dust port is broken - 3d model in design
      • air distribution and vac piping - James chamberlain is back and starting work on these
      • belt sander - motor looks like it over heated, investigating repair/replacement
      • OMIO - throwing error, started troubleshooting with OMIO
    • Weavers guild - no update at this time
  • Covid
    • Sask Government has announced that we are in stage 1 of re-opening. This mean we can have 30 people and thus can start having workshops again.
  • To Do List
    • Add/Remove/Assign to list
  • If a problem is found with the facilities please contact the board
  • New business
    • focuses for this year
      • Space culture
        • Encouraging cleaning/maintenance
        • Teaching safe use of tools
        • Space project board
        • Work on space projects on Tuesday nights
      • Online presence
        • Training videos
        • Marketing on facebook, youtube, in newsletter
      • Business advancement
        • Attracting new members
        • Providing tools and consumables
  • Video capture day
    • some board members captured video and audio for some how-to videos
    • editing to follow
  • roof is leaking
    • landlord is brought in repair personnel - will have to see how it turned out
  • front has be pressure washed in anticipation of parking lines being painted
  • Open Floor
  • Acknowledgements
    • Torban for investigating blade for mitre saw
    • Torban for pressure washing the front parking area
    • Andrew for taking care of the VPSes and website
  • Next Meeting - June 8, 2021
  • Purgatory box
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